Nanakix? Yeah…grandmother AND a black belt

In 1976, I met Jesus. Since that time, despite my shortcomings and my failures, He has continued to love me. He’s my dearest friend, my deepest love, and my ever present help in time of need. This blog is a place to explore the transcendent life–the life I glimpse in precious times of communion, the life I let slip through my fingers so easily in my busyness.

I’m a middle-aged woman–a mother, grandmother, business owner, and martial artist. I love to teach Bible study, to write devotional work, and to build up young girls at my martial arts studio with confidence and character. I have four amazing children and two exceptional grandsons. I adore my family, and I am so grateful for the blessed life I lead.

On a professional level, I have a BS in Management & Ethics and Bible & Theology from William Jessup University, and an MBA from Concordia University Texas. I own Knockout Marketing Strategies, a boutique marketing communications agency, I co-own a mixed martial arts studio, I teach undergraduate business courses at Concordia University Texas, and I read and write every second I can grab in my chaotic schedule.

God is good, and I am grateful.

Yoga City!


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