Weep with those who weep

I am in a beautiful place in life. I’m not bragging–it has nothing to do with me. God, for whatever reason, has seen fit to allow me a time of tranquility. My marriage is happy. My children are healthy. My finances are in order. I have a job that meets our family’s needs and permits me incredible flexibility. My health is excellent–I’m nearly 100% recovered from back surgery, and I’m back to training hard for my next black belt test. I have found true joy in teaching at the university, and even though it takes a great deal of time to do it right, I absolutely love it.

I’m not unaware, however, that times like this don’t last forever. I see that in the lives of so many loved ones. I have close friends suffering from husbands walking out, health problems, financial issues, children with drug problems, children who are suicidal, deaths of loves ones, and any number of devastating circumstances. My prayer list gets longer and longer every day, it seems. My heart breaks for so many people I love.

And God reminds me to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). This time of refreshing in my life isn’t just to have a nice break. It’s to allow me the strength and the space to gird my loins and fight–taking the battle to the enemy who wants to destroy families, marriages, and lives. To come alongside in a tearful and quiet embrace, holding up the hearts of those I love, pouring grace over wounds that need Jesus.

God has created this human family to thrive on relationships–with Him and with each other. Our times of peace are for our good and for the good of others in the family who are struggling. I pray I might not squander this time, that I might use it for the good of others and for His glory.

Let me be faithful, Father. Let me rejoice and weep as You do, and let me be Your hands and Your heart on this earth. Thank You, precious Lord, for the gift of peace.


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