Choosing the good part: Luke 10:38-42

In the midst of busy lives, it’s so easy to be “distracted with all [our] preparations” like Martha. Jesus, however, was more complimentary of Mary, who took the time to sit at his feet. This morning I had coffee with a dear friend who is Martha in so many ways–industrious, smart, hard working, and intense–and reticent to take the time to sit at the Lord’s feet. I listened to her talk about the need to be responsible, to not wait for God to do the work that she should be doing herself. My heart was so sad listening to her talk, knowing what she is going through personally, and knowing the comfort that is so readily available to her if she would only stop to rest. 

I remembered how I used to be just like her.

Years ago, I was hyper-Martha, turbo-Martha…always trying to figure out what needed to be done and pushing myself to do and do and do…. I loved and trusted Jesus, but it just felt lazy to stop the constant problem-solving. It was only through the deepest heartache I’d ever known that I learned the excruciatingly painful and necessary lesson that I am utterly insufficient to the task of solving life’s bitter problems. Truly, the only thing I could and should do was to kneel at his feet, rapturously entranced in his words and voraciously soaking up his love. Hard, hard lessons, never to be forgotten.

I am grateful today for the lessons of those dark days, thankful indeed that I am no longer “worried and bothered about so many things,” but instead try daily to choose the good part, “which shall not be taken away” from me. Dearest Lord, let the Mary of my heart ever lead me over the Martha of my feverishly busy, misguided will. In this crazy busy time of my life, amidst family, work, school, holidays, and every conceivably stressful distraction, let me take the time to sit and bathe in your word.


2 thoughts on “Choosing the good part: Luke 10:38-42

  1. Great thoughts. We all need a reminder of allowing God the time to speak with us, and the only way we can do that is through resting in Him.

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