Every perfect gift

I spent a lot of time tearing up today. It wasn’t over anything earth shattering–I cried when my sons James and Alex called me from Ninja Camp to tell me the “ragtag team” they were co-captaining was winning every challenge and might win the whole thing. When your sons are 29 and 27 and they still think to call their mama over stuff like that, well…it’s just sweet and precious, and it made my heart swell. 

The 13-year old? Yeah, he was too busy having fun to call.

Later I took a break from homework to watch a recorded What Not to Wear, and got all misty watching a woman be utterly transformed. Seeing women recognize their beauty and value is a tremendous joy to me–it’s what my ministry is all about. Even in a non-spiritual situation like WNTW, that kind of transformation brings me joy. So I cried when I saw her light up and finally decide she was worth caring about.

Tonight, I took another break and went to see La Follia Baroque play Mozart and Haydn. What is it about music that can transport us to transcendent realms? Two hours of joyous music, played on period instruments–Baroque oboe and flute, a viola da gamba, and a harpsichord from the 1700s–again brought me to tears. 

I am mindful of James 1:17: “Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow” (NASB). Oh, how He loves you and me! We are gifted with salvation, with His presence, with His love. We are gifted with the Holy Spirit and with grace that sees us through the darkest hours.

And today I was gifted with a call from my ninjas. Bring on the tears, Lord. How I love to receive Your good and perfect gifts.


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