My Redeemer lives

So today I was reminded that God doesn’t just redeem me–He redeems everything. Not that He has to turn something bad into something good every time. Instead, He turns earthly things into divine things, into precious glimpses of Him.

In my “day job” working for a huge tech company, managing a global team, worrying about making the right connections to meet client needs, I rely on the power of networking. If the boxes with the blinking lights go out in my home office, that’s a bad day. I can’t reach London, or Warsaw, or Mumbai, or San Jose. When the lights are green, all is well. Files get passed, calls get made, instant messages get read, and clients are happy. I rely on my people network, too. If that web developer in Shanghai gets sick, who’s going to update the files on the Japanese website?

Ah, the power of networking.

Today, I saw God’s redemptive hand on a new network in my life. He used me to minister to family–new family, brothers and sisters I’d never met before this weekend, but for whom He had a message of encouragement and assistance. The green lights were all flashing as I got to share my expertise in marketing strategy, my knowledge of mixed martial arts, and my deep and fervent love of God and His purpose in my life. He took my little introverted self and allowed me to connect, to share His love and wisdom, to lend a hand, an ear, and a shoulder to His precious children.

He redeems both the ugly and the mundane, and He uses everything I will turn over to Him for His glory and the good of His people. In the midst of the utterly ordinary, I am blessed by the transcendence of it all.

Let me forever see Your hand in this world and in Your people, Father. Thank You for the blinking green lights in my day.


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