Thank you, Father

I spent the day today at the Re:write Conference, a three-day event for authors. I learned a lot, met several lovely people, and came away even more inspired to do what I believe God has called me to do.

The speakers were informative, motivating, and passionate. But the weirdest, and hence clearly the God-liest, moment came during dinner. My seat mate and I exchanged pleasantries and business cards, and then deeper personal stories. We’re both 52. We both have one eye that’s nearsighted and one that’s farsighted. We both have three sons. But the coolest connection? We both love MMA. We both love UFC. She owned a martial arts studio–I own a martial arts studio. We have the same favorite fighter (Ben Henderson).

Deeply theological? Nah. Just kinda cool. What does it mean and where will it go? I have no idea. But I love that I serve a God for whom there are no coincidences, and in whom there is profound meaning at every turn. It was a lovely, sweet, completely unexpected gift, and I am grateful.

Thank you, Father.


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