So Blessed

Just got home from a weekend in California where my husband and I took six students to test for black belt (one 2nd degree, five 1st degrees). From the moment that we all held hands and prayed over our team breakfast to the minute we boarded the airplane back to Texas, it was magical. Watching these young people pour their hearts and souls into their tests, knowing how hard they have worked and how many challenges they have overcome, brought me such joy and pride. At times, I felt like my chest would burst in delight. Their parents were beaming–sometimes crying. It was all so precious, recognizing the privilege I have each day to build character into these young lives.

This is so much more than kicking and punching…it is life giving, confidence building, leadership training. It is integrity and strength and hope and joy. The time and energy we put into these students, whether they are four years old or middle aged, bears fruit that we could never imagine. God takes these seeds and brings forth fruit that changes lives. They aren’t kids who take karate. They are martial artists who display leadership, bravery, and compassion.

I am so thankful, Lord. I am grateful for the students and families you have brought to us. Bless them tonight, Father. Bless their sore muscles, their exhausted bodies. Bless their hearts, that transcended the everyday to accomplish something amazing this weekend. Bless the families that encouraged and loved them through the process.

Thank you that I see your hand in this ministry. Let me be faithful to care for those you bring to our school, to teach and love them.


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