Gratitude, not guilt, is the answer

I read about Asia Bibi this morning in Christianity Today. Thinking about this poor woman and the strong possibility of her martyrdom made me feel guilty–guilty for all that I have and all that I never have to face in this comparatively easy life I have. I sat in my chair in my backyard, looking up at the beautiful magnolia tree we had planted to memorialize my mother after her death two years ago, and I felt guilty.

But me feeling guilty doesn’t help Asia. And me feeling guilty doesn’t glorify God.

When I recognized the enemy’s insidious, nuanced attack–feel guilty, Cindy; curl up and feel shame at your life–I decided instead to praise. To thank God for the life He has given me, to bless Him with my gratitude. I decided to sing, to shower Him with praise for my life, my family, the mother He so graciously blessed me with for 50 years. I determined that I would not hide my face in embarrassment (why me, Lord? why am I so blessed?), but instead would raise my face to His beautiful sunshine and thank Him for His completely unmerited favor. And to humbly live my life in a way that brings Him glory and spreads His grace wherever I go.

Dearest Asia…my heart breaks for you, and I am humbled by your courage and your strength. I pray for God’s mercy on you and your precious family. I pray that God will be glorified in your life and your country.

As I pray that He will be in mine.



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